About Us
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About Us

noun, ( used with a singular verb)
the science of creative photography

We are a group of creative individuals, brought together by the passion of photography. We hail from different parts of the world with years of experience in capturing the culture and colors of different countries. We specialize in all kind of indoor and outdoor photography and videography services including Event/Wedding Photography, Product Photography, Film, Videos and Documentaries.


Sybernetics Media is a multi-faceted group specializing in different forms of creative arts  including I.T, Web Development, Graphic & Print Design, Video & Audio Productions and alot more. The group started its humble beginings as a small office with three dynamic individuals. Currently has offices in USA, UK, Pakistan & Dubai and the headquarters based in Melbourne Australia.

Our mission is to meet the specific needs of the client while maintaining artistic integrity. The final product should contain a sense of craftsmanship; using the latest technologies, proven techniques and a sense of reverence for the clients needs.